The company "EGNATIA ODOS SA" (EOSA) aims at:

  • the study, supervision, construction, maintenance, equipment (supply) and exploitation of the road axis "Egnatia Odos", starting from the port of Igoumenitsa and reaching the border with Turkey at the site of Kipi, Evros , passing through Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupolis, the road network generally connected or serviced directly or indirectly with the aforementioned route, as well as other works inside or outside the Greek territory, which are assigned either by the provision of the article 17 (2) of Law 3212/2003 (A308) Joint Ministerial Decision by either third parties (Public Law Entities and Public Law Entities or companies of the broader public sector), following a contract concluded directly or following a competitive procedure.
  • the total or partial assignment to third parties, in accordance with the provisions in force, of the design, construction, extension of the above project or parts thereof by concession, as well as the supervision and monitoring of the execution of the relevant contracts and the control of the relevant studies.
  • to undertake the execution of contracts for the construction of parts of the above work assigned to it by the State; and
  • providing advice and suggestions on matters relating to the above.

EOSA currently manages about 1,000 km of a closed motorway owned by TERN, has 6 main traffic control centers and 2 auxiliaries.